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About Us

Saturday, August 21, 2004 Posted: 11:26 PM JST

Japan is notoriously difficult to fathom for people unfamiliar with its customs. We help you to bridge these gaps in perception. We offer you articles, photographs and personalized assignments by a long term journalist and photographer in Japan.

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Name: Kjeld Duits
Address: 12-20-306 Kusunoki, Ashiya, 659-0015 JAPAN
Phone: (81) 0797-38-1482
E-mail: see at bottom of every page
Skype: ikjeld


-- Stock Photography
-- Assignment Photography
-- Journalism (Print, Web, Radio, TV)
-- Location Scouting and related services (TV, Movies)

Kjeld Duits focuses on the common person. Their everyday lives, the problems they wrestle with, their obsessions, their customs and beliefs.

Duits describes the plight of Japanese school kids bullied by their classmates, the problems of a dying heartland, the terrible mistakes at Japanese hospitals. But also the latest street fashion trends, the overwhelming excitement of a local matsuri or the pleasures of a wonderful hidden spa. If it is about people, Duits reports on it.

Organizations like Associated Press, BBC, NHK, Condé Nast and Oxford University Press use our articles and photos of Japan. We are also available for production work. Our experience includes the 1998 Winter games in Nagano and a range of TV programs.

Can't find your image in our Japan Photo Library? We are registered as a client's rep with one of the largest Japanese stock agencies so can help you locate any image you require.

Please feel free to contact us with inquiries. Our e-mail address is at the bottom of every news page.

About Kjeld Duits (Journalist, Photographer, Producer in Japan)

Born in the Netherlands Kjeld Duits has lived and worked in Japan since 1982. He speaks fluent Japanese and is completely familiar with both culture and customs.

Duits works as a journalist and photographer for several daily newspapers. Organizations like Associated Press, The Times, Wired Magazine and Australia's Herald Sun have carried his work and he has worked on TV and radio programs, for amongst others, the BBC and NHK. On Japanese TV he appears as a 'guest reporter'. Over the years he has covered major news stories like the Ibaraki nucleur accident and the Taiwan and Indian Earthquakes. He covered the Tsunami Disaster of 2004 in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Aceh, Indonesia, as well as the horrific train accident near Osaka in April 2005, and the Pakistani earthquake of October 2005.

Over the years Kjeld Duits has provided a string of news breaks. In 1996 he was the first to report that Japanese suicide rates had gone through the roof. Other news organizations started reporting this only about 6 months later. Duits was also able to report on Schapelle Corby's largely unknown former marriage and found her previous husband. Corby started dominating Australian news headlines after she was arrested in Indonesia in October 2004 when airport officials found 4.1 kilograms of marihuana in her luggage. Duits' story on the marriage received widespread attention in Australia.

Kjeld Duits is active in several fields. He was for example the Olympic Attaché for the Dutch and Belgian Olympic Committees during the 1998 Winter games in Nagano. He has also been a juror for the International Emmy Awards and the Osaka European Film Festival.

Duits has written two books about Japan, both in Dutch ('Vrouw breekt los', 2002 and 'Walvissen zijn lief', 2004). His photographs have been displayed at expositions in Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, Greece and Singapore. As a photographer Duits has received several awards, especially for documenting Japanese folk-festivals or matsuri.

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