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Tokyo Wants to Restrict Youth Sex

Wednesday, September 22, 2004 Posted: 10:13 AM JST

Japanese media report today that Tokyo's top law and order official wants to restrict school-aged children from having sex. Yutaka Takehana, Tokyo's first vice governor in charge of law and order, is quoted by Kyodo news agency as saying that this "would convey the determination of adult society" to prevent youth sex. According to his plan parents and guardians in Tokyo would be legally responsible.

Japan's sexually active youth increasingly worries the staid conservative leaders of this nation. According to Masako Kihara, an AIDS expert and associate professor at Kyoto University, 20 to 30 percent of Japanese 16-year-olds have had sex and nearly a quarter of these have four or more partners. The legal age of consent in Tokyo is 18. Recent reports show that AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise among young people, and that usage of condoms is declining.

But creating a law to limit sex is not the way to solve this problem. Restriction will be impossible to impose and monitor. It will only drive sex underground and even farther away from safe practices. It will also prevent young people infected with sexually transmitted diseases to search for help. What Japan really requires is better sexual education at its schools. Few Japanese school-children are aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the need to protect oneself. Most have no understanding at all about AIDS.

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1 | At 07:29pm on Sep 27 2004, David wrote:
I strongly agree, That youth sex needs not only education on disease control, but also education on the emotional and moral obligations of those who participate in it. Failing to take responsability for one's actions after knowing it was unsafe to have unprotected sex, is wrong and there should be some penalty. This is absolutly nesasary in the case of H.I.V as it is a death sentence. Getting a girl pregnant and dumping her, with no help or support is also wrong. The bottom line is teaching responsible behaviour. I believe and have seen in my own life, that young adolesant people, can be very responsable when called on to be. Especialy if it is expected of them.
Young people need room to breathe, and a chance to prove themselves. I also do not agree on punishing the majority for the few who refuse to do the right thing.
I left school for full-time construction work as a young man at 15 years old, among my fellow workers. I was teated as an equal, exept for the fact I had to learn the skills of work. I am now 34 and I treat young people the same as I was treated. Fairly, equaly and not as a sub-human incapable of knowing or learning anything.
Having been an adolesant myself, from experiance I would go as far to say that responsible sex between two consenting idividuals is a private matter. In Australia the age of consent is 16, but I think based on satistics of adolesant sex & my own experiance that, with the right attitudes and education it should be lowered to 15 years. Because 12 and 13 year olds have been having active sex lives, but the respect and responsability may have not kicked in at that age.
This is not a new problem, we should not be afraid nor condem. Should we act the same way we used to towards homosexuals. They have a word for it now called;homophobic.
Are we pedaphobic as well.
We refuse to see our darling children as growing sexual beings. We want to cocoon them away and supress what nature intended to be perfectly natural. Responsable sex is not bad but adults lable it a taboo. Adolesants should have the right to expore "THEIR" sexuality, so they do not have hang-ups when they get older. Eg: sex is dirty, sex is bad or wrong. Of course it is, you have already brain-washed them that it is; through all those years of conditioning. Stop interfearing with nature and give adolesants the rights to their own bodies. Nature brings pubity to signal to adults that these people are no longer children. They become adolesants and through guidance, responsable young adults.
We have to stop being bigoted people. Youth need respect and love not condemnation,humiliation, and being treated as a lower form of humanity.
Equaly they need to respect others and the penalties of wrong doing.
I have faith in our youth, stop messing up their minds with bigotted self-rightous tripe.
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