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China Controls News Reports about Japan

Monday, October 4, 2004 Posted: 11:46 AM JST

China wants better relations with Japan. To get there it is tightening controls on reporting about Japan by the Chinese media, the Yomiuri reports today. The government is attempting to silence both anti-Japan views and those seeking to improve ties.

Public sentiment in Japan and China towards the other country has been going downhill recently. During a soccer game between the two countries this Summer Chinese attacked Japanese fans and rioted on the streets. Japanese critics have been complaining that China's government encourages such behavior and that Chinese education is to blame. Chinese observers shoot back that Japan is insensitive about Chinese memories of Japanese atrocities during World War II. It is especially enraged that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi continues to visit Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine. The shrine doesn't only enshrine Japan's war dead, but also class A war criminals.

Zhao Qizhen, head of China's State Council Information Office, recently confided to Japanese reporters that China was guiding the mass media on reporting about Japan: "There will be no anti-Japan reporting by major news organizations." Chinese authorities were also looking into regulating bulletin boards on the internet he added. Lots of anti-Japanese messages have been posted on these, increasing anti-Japan sentiment among Chinese. Chinese authorities do not usually admit that they control news reporting. It clearly shows Beijing badly wants to improve relations with Japan, which it considers an important trading partner.

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1 | At 12:10am on Oct 08 2004, seaskytang wrote:
japan should consider himself .why so many chines students and citizens take part in anti-japan march,japan should change it's policy on history issue.China people is very kind to foreigners,but they dilike japanese.why ???
2 | At 07:36pm on Oct 22 2004, Edward wrote:
I am a Chinese University student in Shanghai. I don't hate Japanese in the first place. After all, we all watch Japanese movie and listen Japanese songs during our childhood. But, because of there are a large number of people deny the history and appear vague about the Diaoyu island issue. Moreover, there are a large number of people in Japanese support Taiwan become individual from mainland. This is the main reason cause most of the Chinese teenagers (Around 80% male) dislike Japan. Also, add the cyber space which let such hatred comes even more intense. I support the action of our government but I also hate Japanese government.
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