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$1,000 for an Omelet

Monday, November 15, 2004 Posted: 04:40 PM JST

Would you pay $1,000 (JPY 130,515) for an omelet? Now you can. La Baie, the French restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka is offering the ultimate of luxury, an omelet that costs as much as a trip to Hawaii. This is no ordinary plate of eggs, it is more like a breakfast experience.

$1,000 omelet at the Ritz-Carlton OsakaThe special menu for two includes three types of omelets, a bottle of Dom P�rignon Champagne, fresh fruit juices, assorted Danish and breads, jam and preserves, and a selection of freshly brewed coffees and teas.

The three omelets are prepared at your table side by La Baie�s Chef David Senia or Sous Chef Christophe Givert. These omelets are made with the famous �Ukokkei� eggs, known for their high level of nutrition and limited availability in the Japanese market.

The Ritz-carlton has come up with three themes: sea, rivers and turf. The sea-themed omelet features lobster claws and is served with Lobster Cappuccino, fresh herb salad and Parmesan shavings. Rivers gets you an omelet with Beluga, Sevruga and Osetra caviar served with condiments and chive flavored sour cream. And if you aren't drooling already, try the land-themed omelet: truffle scented egg omelet served with tartuffon, asparagus and a la rape fresh truffles.

To make this feast of the senses complete you and your companion, you wouldn't want to do this all by yourself, will be serenaded by a violinist. Oh yes, I almost forgot, you get the whole restaurant for yourself. Nobody else walks through the door while you and the love of your life are munching away.

For more information and reservations call 06-6343-7020.

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1 | At 12:07pm on Dec 02 2004, Bill wrote:
This is an interesting and amusing article. I can not say about paying for the omelet. However USD $1,000 sounds reasonable for a night with the good looking violinist! By the way, thanks for your previous e-mail. You are welcome for my other comment! All the best!
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