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Japan Shooting for Moon

Thursday, March 10, 2005 Posted: 07:38 AM JST

Japan is thinking about a manned lunar base by 2025 confirmed Masaki Shirakawa, an official with the Cabinet Office, and JAXA officials this week. A report is expected to be submitted to the government within 30 days. If this project is approved, it means a major change of direction for Japan's space program. Aside from its astronauts on NASA's space shuttle, Japan has always used unmanned probes.

Japan's entry would further heat up the space race in Asia. Both China and India have announced moon missions, and the has stated that the United States will return to the moon in the next decade. It wants to send astronauts to Mars, too.

According to an article in the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper earlier this week, JAXA hopes to develop a robot to conduct probes on the moon by 2010, then begin constructing a solar-powered manned research base on the moon and design a reusable manned space vessel like the U.S. space shuttle by 2025.

Japan's space ambitions have recently been overshadowed by China. The country put its first astronaut into orbit in October 2003. It now wants to put a man on the moon.

Against the backdrop fo China's recent successes, Japan's space program has been struggling for years. One month after China's first manned mission, Japanese controllers had to blow up a H-2A rocket shortly after liftoff. Launches were put on hold for 15 months. But last week Japan returned to space with the successful launch of an H-2A rocket that placed a communications and navigation satellite into orbit.

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3 comments so far post your own

1 | At 07:39pm on Oct 06 2005, tim wrote:
i want to see images of the remains of the alleged apollo landings. i wonder if you have any photos with that amount of detail from your LUNAR A satellite i look forward to hearing from you thanks tim
2 | At 12:39am on Nov 22 2007, Danny O'Dell wrote:
Japans mission to the moon was a failure they are now working with NASA to cover up the fact that no man has ever walked on the moon.
3 | At 09:24am on Nov 22 2007, Kjeld Duits wrote:
Tim, you should contact JAXA for that. I just report, I am not in any way related to JAXA.

Danny, considering the beautiful HDTV images of the moon that JAXA has shot, I would hardly consider the JAXA moon mission a failure.

It would be an excellent idea to get such shots of the Apollo landing sites though, to finally bring the conspiracy theories to rest.
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