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Japanese War Apologies

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 Posted: 11:59 AM JST

The past week has seen violent anti-Japan demonstrations in China and Korea. There appears to be a strong undercurrent of anti-Japanese feelings in these countries. Surprisingly, especially among people too young to have any experience of the Second World War. This requires careful thought and a discussion of Japanese war apologies.

Although portrayed in the popular press mainly as unfinished business of WWII, I believe it is important to realize that these are the symptoms of a new balance of power emerging in Asia. Never before has there been a strong China and Japan at the same time, let alone a strong Korea. As we are moving towards this new reality we will enter uncharted territory with all the dangers that encompasses.

Japan now has territorial disputes with all its neighbors: China, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. Will these countries be able to solves these disputes in a peaceful way that satisfies all? One important aspect will be how Japan's neighbors interpret the Japanese will to resolve outstanding issues of the Pacific War: war apologies and reparations.

To help in fostering a discussion on this and to create a place where Japanese apologies can be easily found, I have created a new category, "War Apologies". Here I will start to list any Japanese apology I am aware of. Please send me other ones if you find one missing. And add your comments, or send me your essays, to discuss why this enormously long list of apologies is still not enough, as claimed by many critics of Japan. Or why you think it is enough.

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1 | At 09:12pm on Sep 24 2008, Babu Shankar wrote:
it is disgraceful what japan done in the war its amazing how the axis mostly germany and japan have big multinationals today which are very succesful.
Japan should be forced to make an apology on cnn for what they did in the war in the near future.
I dont think there is any atrocitie that in the past or the future will live up to what japan done in the second world war.
The president should make the apology with the glaring media.
tell me is there any neo fascist revival in japan since the second world war?
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