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Names of the Victims of the Train Crash in Amagasaki

Friday, April 29, 2005 Posted: 02:32 PM JST

Lists with the names of the deceased and injured of the Amagasaki Train Crash. One links to a list in Japanese and a list with names translated into English by Tagawatch. We had links to lists at the NHK site as well, but they appear to have been (re)moved.

The readings of Japanese names are not straightforward. Often Chinese characters can be read in several ways. Some names therefore have not been translated, or only partially. We have tried hard to get the correct reading and spelling, but without confirmation from family members or friends it is impossible to guarantee there are no mistakes. Therefore, please be warned and careful when using this list.

If you know one of the victims and discover a misspelling or incorrect reading, please contact us.

Our sincerest apologies for incorrect readings.

List of victims of the train accident in Amagasaki, Japan on April 25 2005, as of April 28, 17:10:
Download the translated list of victims

Lists with names in Japanese:
List of victims of train crash on Sanin site

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6 comments so far post your own

1 | At 10:43pm on Apr 29 2005, tagawatch wrote:
Still no list in English?
Should I translate?
2 | At 08:40am on Apr 30 2005, Jojamomo wrote:
Does anyone have an English translation of the list? Or know where to find one? Thanks!
3 | At 08:49am on Apr 30 2005, Kjeld Duits wrote:
Tagawatch (see comment above) is working on a translation at this very moment.

Kanji can be read in many different ways. So we have to be careful that we don't give the wrong names.

Unfortunately, the police won't give out the readings because of concerns of privacy (if ever there was a misguided idea about privacy, this must be it). We are now looking for other ways to confirm the correct reading of the names.

Please check again later today on this site, or perhaps tomorrow.
4 | At 09:02am on Apr 30 2005, lindsey Robertson wrote:
I was wondering how to get a hold of a list in English. I have a VERY good friend over there and I am worried... Thanks.
5 | At 09:51am on Apr 30 2005, Jojamomo wrote:
Thanks Kjeld. I used to commute on that same train at that same time. I have several friends I can't reach or find their whereabouts. I'm in the US now and it's frustrating trying to get information. Your website has been my best source so far. Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks to Tagawatch, too!
6 | At 10:24pm on May 05 2005, Annonymous wrote:
Thanks very much for that list. I have several close friends in that area who I have been unable to contact since the accident.
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