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Kjeld Duits Adds New Twist to Australia's Top News Story

Monday, May 16, 2005 Posted: 08:11 PM JST

Today an article I wrote about Schapelle Corby's secret Japanese husband was published in New Idea magazine in Australia. The news was also covered by Channel 7. The news I uncovered is considered to be a major break. Australian national Corby was arrested last year October when 4.1 kilograms of marihuana were found in her bag upon arrival in Indonesia.

As reported by Australia's Channel 9:
The secret life of Schapelle
REPORTER: Michelle Tapper
BROADCAST DATE: May 16, 2005

A journalist has uncovered Schapelle Corby's secret past in Japan, including a failed marriage and work in Tokyo bars. Other rumours were dismissed.

The tale of Schapelle Corby's secret life with her former husband in Japan has provided an extraordinary twist to an already incredible story.

Schapelle and a man known as Kimi Tanaka (to protect the privacy of Corby's ex-husband his name was changed) married in Japan in 1998 and lived in the coastal town of Omaezaki. But the union was rocky from the start and Schapelle walked out after only three months.

Japanese correspondent Kjeld Duits broke the story for New Idea magazine. He said it came as a shock to Schapelle's ex-husband.

When their marriage was over, Schapelle moved to Tokyo where her working life took a dramatic turn as she ventured into Japanese night life. To support herself, the pretty Australian worked in local bars.

The revelations have come to light just one week before the Gold Coast beauty student faces her final day in court. Experts have predicted a verdict by the end of May.

Businessman Ron Bakir has been in Schapelle's corner for the duration of the fight. In supporting and funding Schapelle Corby's battle, Mr Bakir has ridden a wave of rumour and innuendo regarding the case, his involvement and Schapelle's past.

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