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Cool Sites : Japan in WWII

Tuesday, July 5, 2005 Posted: 06:11 PM JST

Since several months Japan is remembering the end of the war in the Pacific. The Japanese Emperor has visited Saipan, there have been solemn ceremonies in Okinawa, and in August Hiroshima and Nagasaki will remember their horrific fates. It is 60 years since the end of the war, so these ceremonies will be the last ones still attended by a large number of survivors. Some excellent sites with background information:

Allied Occupation of Japan, 1948-1951
Doing Photography and Social Research in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1948-1951. A Personal and Professional Memoir by John W. Bennett. (ENG)

Final Months of the War With Japan
Monograph from the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence about the planning for invasion, alternative scenarios, intelligence data, etc. (ENG)

Center for Research and Documentation on Japan's War Responsibility (JWRC) (ENG JPN)

Memories of War
The Second World War and Japanese historical memory in comparative perspective. Edited by Takashi Inoguchi and Lyn Jackson. Recommended. (ENG)

Prisoner of War Camp #1
Detailed information about the Prisoner of War camp located in Fukuoka during World War II. (ENG)

Shortlist of War Apologies by Japan
A list of war apologies by Japanese leaders. (ENG)

Slips of the Tongue
Political outcomes of slips of the tongue of Japanese Ministers in regards to WWII. A Hiroshima Peace Science paper. PDF file. (ENG)

Voice of Hibakusha
Eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima. (ENG)

Tokyo Fire Raids
Terribly sobering eyewitness account, by French journalist Robert Guillain who was stuck in Tokyo, of the firebombing of that city. Recommended. (ENG)

The Alliance for Preserving the Truth of Sino-Japanese War (APTSJW) is dedicated to the truth about the Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945). (ENG)

The Biochemical Warfare Unit 731
In depth research into biological and chemical weapons produced by the Japanese army during WWII. (ENG)

Shortlist of War Apologies by Japan
A list of war apologies by Japanese leaders. (ENG)

Find more sites related to Japan at Japan Links. Special section for WWII.

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The now legendary Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929) was a member of the British legation in Tokyo for twenty-one years. This classic book is based on the author's detailed diary, personal encounters, and keen memory. In it, Satow records the history of the critical years of social and political upheaval that accompanied Japan's first encounters with the West around the time of the Meiji Restoration. Fascinating.
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