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Cool Sites : Japanese Political Parties

Monday, August 29, 2005 Posted: 11:01 AM JST

On September 11 Japan will vote for a new lower house. The election could possibly radically change the Japanese political landscape. It will at the very least decide if Japan will reform or protect the status quo. These are some of the main political parties competing in this election:

Shinto Nippon
In August 2005 Nagano Governor Yasuo Tanaka (1956) and four other politicians founded the Shinto Nippon party in response to Prime Minister's Koizumi dissolution of the Lower House. (JPN)

Jiminto (LDP)
Jiyuminshuto, Liberal Democratic Party. Formed from several parties in 1955. With strong support among busineses and farmers, the LDP played a major role in the post war Japanese economic revival. (ENG JPN)

Democratic Party of Japan. Formed in 1998 from dissidents of Jiminto and socialists in order to create a counterweight to Jiminto (LDP) and to establish a two party system like in the USA. (ENG JPN)

New Komeito
New Clean Government Party. Komeito was formed in 1964 as the political wing of Soka Gakkai. It officially severed the link in the 1970's. It joined several coalitions with the LDP. (ENG JPN)

Nihon Kyosanto (JCP)
Japan Communist Party. Formed in 1922, the JCP was mostly a secretive and underground movement until it was legalized after the Second World War. (ENG JPN)

Shaminto (SDP)
Shakaiminshuto, Shakaito, Democratic Socialist Party, Socialist Party. Founded in 1945, split, merged again in 1955. In 1996 name changed to Shaminto. In 1998 many members joined Minshuto. (JPN)

Find more sites related to Japan at Japan Links. Special section for Japanese Political Parties.

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