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Full Page Ad in NY Times Protests Against Japanese Dolphin Killings

Tuesday, September 6, 2005 Posted: 10:32 AM JST

A full page ad in the New York Times calls for people to protest the killing of dolphins in the Japanese city of Taiji. Demonstrations are planned to take place on October 8th 2005, which has been dubbed "Japan Dolphin Day" by the organizers of the demonstrations. The ad was paid for by One Voice (France), International Marine Mammal Project (USA) and Elsa Nature Conservacy (Japan).

New York Times ad to protest killing of dolphins in Japan

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1 | At 12:35pm on Sep 16 2005, Annette Martinez wrote:
I do not understand how a human can look into the eyes of another mammal, hear their cries, see their pain and their blood pour from their bodies while they are torturing them. It is both sickening and sadening. These dolphins are beautiful, intelligent, innocent and spiritual beings. They cannot fight against the spears and the man made tools used to kill them. They need our help.
2 | At 05:24am on Oct 07 2005, madeline bolbol wrote:
Isn't it ironic and hypocritical
that a website was launched for the children whose aim is "to encourage children worldwide to take interest in and gain an under-
standing of environment issues and to think and act independently in response."
One segment is "Our Earth, Our Future" and another is "How We Learn from Nature" about how humans are not the only important creature on the planet --- and yet the Japanese government condones the annual slaughter of dolphins and whales. The Japanese children/adults are unaware that these crimes against nature are taking place.
I join the millions of people worldwide in urging the Japanese goverment to take immediate action in ending the massacre/capturing of dolphins/whales and to:
1. revoke permits to the
fishermen,ending this brutal
2. discontinue doing business with
the international dolphin
captivity business.
3. inform the Japanese people that
eating dolphin meat is
dangerously unhealthy since it
is contaminated.
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