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International Puppetry Festival in Osaka

Wednesday, September 7, 2005 Posted: 10:26 AM JST

Osaka International Puppetry Festival 2005 will be held in Osaka November 3 to 13. Puppet shows from around the world will perform at Osaka Cultural Public Hall, Sogo Hall, Children Culture Center and Kids Plaza Osaka. The event is sponsored by the Osaka municipal government to celebrate that bunraku, a traditional Japanese puppet show, has been designated a World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Participating are Canada's Soma International which performs on the rhythms of jazz and rock'n'roll, South Korea's Namsa-Dang, the only traditional Korean puppet show, as well as puppet companies from Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Laos and Russia.

Seventeen Japanese puppet companies, both traditional and modern, take part in the festival. A total of 59 performances are scheduled during the 11-day period.

For inquiries, please contact the Executive Committee/Secretariat, "Osaka International Puppetry Festival 2005" (Tel: 06-6615-0689)

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1 | At 09:50am on Sep 19 2005, kate grow wrote:
I am interested in viewing images of traditional Karean puppets. I have studied one form where puppets are made of gourds. Are the accomodations for the festival affordable?
kate grow
2 | At 02:07pm on Sep 19 2005, Kjeld wrote:
Kate Grow: I am not sure if the organizing committee has deals with hotels, but I suggest you use some of the sites for finding cheap lodging on our linkpages: http://www.ikjeld.com/linker/index.php?cat=121
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