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Old NHK Clip About Shibuya-kei Music

Thursday, February 9, 2006 Posted: 06:18 PM JST

I found this great news clip of a 1995 (Japanese language) NHK news program which reports on Shibuya-kei. Shibuya-kei was a new wave of Japanese music that sounded Western. It can be seen as a starting point of the huge popularity of independent labels and J-Pop.

From Wikipedia:
Shibuya-kei is a variety of Japanese pop music which combines elements of jazz, fusion, traditional music, and other styles. Shibuya-kei music first gained popularity in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, from which it took its name. Despite under-marketing, it enjoyed enormous success in this region.

Initially, the term was applied to Flipper's Guitar, Pizzicato Five, and Schar Dara Parr, bands strongly influenced by French Ye Ye Music and its most notable proponent, Serge Gainsbourg. Other influences include Lounge, Bossa Nova and Hip-Hop. As the style's popularity increased at end of the 90s, the term began to be applied to many bands, such as Puffy AmiYumi, whose musical stylings began to reflect a more mainstream sensibility.

Some artists rejected or resisted being categorized as "Shibuya-kei," but the name ultimately stuck. The style was favoured by local businesses, including Shibuya Center Street's HMV Shibuya, which sold Shibuya-kei records in its traditional Japanese music section.

Increasingly, musicans outside of Japan, such as Britain's Momus, France's Dimitri from Paris, and the US artists Natural Calamity and Phofo are labelled Shibuya-kei. Many consider this a sign of the genre's acceptance far beyond its original anime and dance music audience.

Notable artists

  1. Buffalo Daughter
  2. capsule
  3. Cibo Matto
  4. Cornelius
  5. Dimitri from Paris
  6. Fantastic Plastic Machine
  7. Flipper's Guitar
  8. Kahimi Karie
  9. Miniflex
  10. Momus
  11. Original Love
  12. Ozawa Kenji
  13. Phofo
  14. Pizzicato Five
  15. Schar Dara Parr
  16. Takako Minekawa
  17. Yoshinori Sunahara
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