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Japanese Women Treat Themselves on Valentine‘s Day

Sunday, February 12, 2006 Posted: 10:45 PM JST

At a major department store I observed many women buying chocolate for themselves today. I was wondering if what I saw was an aberration. It turns out it is not.

"There‘s been a trend the past two or three years for women to buy chocolates for themselves, as a sort of pat on the back for having worked hard," says Takashimaya spokeswoman Yoko Yanagisawa in an article about Japanese women treating themselves on Valentine‘s Day.

Even though women may have started to buy chocolates for themselves, Japan still consumes relatively little chocolate compared with other countries. It comes to just 2.2 kg per person each year. Compare this with countries like Switzerland and Germany where they down respectively 11.3 and 10.5 kg of the stuff.

But only in Japan more than half of the yearly consumption is sold and eaten just around Valentine‘s Day. A unique situation.

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1 | At 10:08pm on Feb 16 2006, Chifumi wrote:
I watched at TV the similar phenomina to this in last winter. We have a custum of seasonal gift two times in a year. The role of buying it is always wife. They tend to buy some seasonal gifts , adding a high quality gift for themselves.Of course their family can eat together, she wants to eat good quality food for themselves like two thousand yen lobsters or cras. They also said that is a sort of pat on the back for having usual house choir.
I thought thses are similar.But I'm sorry I haven't actually even though I'm also middle aged woman. It's because of Mottainai..kana?
2 | At 04:34am on Feb 17 2006, Kjeld Duits wrote:
Chifumi, that is interesting. I wasn't aware of that trend. I also buy seasonal gifts and always feel like buying one for myself because the products are of such incredibly high quality. Treating yourself well once in a while is not 'mottanai' (wasteful), I think. Especially if you work hard for it!
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