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Cool Sites : Japanese Anime and Manga

Monday, March 13, 2006 Posted: 10:16 AM JST

Tokyo Anime Center, the largest center for anime in Japan opens this Wednesday in Akihabara, Tokyo. Belatedly, Japan starts to realize the value of its anime and manga. As an advisor to the Hyogo Tourist Board I advised last year to open manga and anime related facilities. They were totally unable to see the pulling power of such centers. Now Tokyo is once again leading the country in opening such a center. The internet world already knows for a long time that anime and manga matter:

Tokyo Anime Center
Offers up-to-date anime information, anime related merchandise, events and public radio recordings featuring creators and voice actors. (ENG JPN)

Excellent online magazine about anime. (ENG)

Bibliographies of online and offline resources and research papers related to manga and anime. (ENG)

Comprehensive source on shoujo, shounen-ai, and josei manga. Reviews, editorials, shoujo/yaoi references... (ENG)

Amateur Manga Subculture
Essays on the manga industry and otaku culture in modern-day Japan by Sharon Kinsella. (ENG)

Anime and Manga Page
Aims at giving non-Japanese people a better understanding of Japanese comics and animation. Series overviews; discussions on stereotypes and themes. (ENG)

The History of Manga
A wide-ranging introduction to Japanese manga based on theme. (ENG)

The Ultimate Manga Guide
Comprehensive guide to thousands of manga authors and many thousands of manga series. A bit old... (ENG)

Tezuka Osamu @ World
Fan club, information, history, manga museum, multimedia and news about famed manga artist Osamu Tezuka. (ENG JPN)

Hayao Miyazaki
Biography of Hayao Miyazaki on Wikipedia. (ENG)

Find more sites related to Japan at Japan Links. Special section for Anime and Manga.

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