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Headlines and Editorials in the Japanese Press

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 Posted: 12:53 PM JST

Some of the top headlines and editorials in Japan's (Japanese language) newspapers today:


Shigeru Yokota, father of abductee Megumi, meets with family members of her husband; Solidarity for settling abduction issue

Mainichi: Tokyo Shimbun:
Mindan, Chongyron to reconcile after 60 years of confrontation; Top level talks to be held today

New earthquake resistance calculation method; 45% of local municipalities unable to adopt, Yomiuri survey of 276 local governments finds; 60% have taken measures, including increase of officials in charge

Nihon Keizai:
LDP considering raising patients' share in nursing-care insurance to 20%; Portion of unemployment allowance contributed by state likely to be abolished

Government decides to settle US beef import resumption issue before bilateral summit


(1) Families of abductees: We hope to see sympathy for them spread
(2) Accident at pedestrians' bridge at Akashi City: Public prosecutors should sympathize with victims

(1) Revision to Basic Education Law: We cannot sense need and urgency to do so
(2) Recognition of A-bomb victims; Adopt humane recognition method

(1) Corporate financial report for term ending in March; Companies should achieve black figure for fifth year in row with aggressive management
(2) Libraries: Use it as information center in regional districts

Nihon Keizai:
(1) Private companies are selling assets. The government should follow suit.
(2) Long way to go to become investment-oriented country

(1) Anti-terrorism measures; Effective legal system urged
(2) We want to see in Putin administration dignity as G-8 member in Russia

Tokyo Shimbun:
(1) Basic Education Law: Deepen discussion steadily
(2) Recognition of A-bomb victims: Immediate revision of recognition guidelines urged

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