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The Megumi Yokota Saga

Thursday, May 18, 2006 Posted: 09:18 PM JST

Megumi Yokota is the 13 year old Japanese girl who was abducted by North Korean agents on November 15, 1977. One day she just vanished without a trace. It wasn't until twenty years later that her parents discovered she had been abducted. This month Megumi's mother met president Bush and her father met the parents of the man Megumi married in North Korea. Turns out this man was abducted from South Korea. The story gets more bizarre at each and every turn.

Now there is a documentary about Megumi Yokota's tragic story. Safari Media, who produced the documentary, has a trailer and background information on its site. Highly recommended.

A book has also been published: "My daughter, Mother will come and find you". It is published by Soshisha Co., Tokyo, Japan. For the translated English text please contact : license@soshisha.com or call +81 (0)3 3470 6566.

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1 | At 08:57am on Aug 19 2006, M Smith wrote:
All of Japan wants North Korea to return Megumi and other Japanese. But despite this nationally shared experience of grief, Japan will not return children from other countries abducted to Japan by Japanese citizens. Nor will Japan sign the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. Japanese parents have abducted many more children than Korea ever has, and Japan will not extradite them to the countries who have issued warrants for their arrest.


On August 20 at 4:00pm, left-behind parents whose children have been abducted by Japanese citizens, will be demonstrating against Japan's hypocrisy at the opening of this documentary at the Hollywood Arc Light Cinema in Los Angeles.


Please come and support the right of children kidnapped to Japan, to have frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with both parents.

Check the website later also, as there may also be another protest on the closing day, August 24.
2 | At 02:16am on Oct 23 2006, Eric Kalmus wrote:

On August 18th 2006 a group of left behind parents took to the streets of
Hollywood California to protest Japan's hypocrisy in regards to
international abduction.

A 9 minute movie was created using footage from the first day of the
protest. Please share this link with everyone you know.


I would like to thank Mark, and CRN Japan for helping make the protest
possible. Thank you also to Patrick Braden, John Smith, and the Whitney
family for their participation.

Remember - It is the people that can change the world.

Eric Kalmus
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