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Headlines and Editorials in the Japanese Press

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 Posted: 11:09 AM JST

Some of the top headlines and editorials in Japan's (Japanese language) newspapers today:


Asahi & Yomiuri:
BOJ Governor Fukui earned 14.73 million yen from investment in Murakami Fund

Mainichi & Tokyo Shimbun:
Supreme Court says “indefinite sentence clearly unjust," orders High Court to reexamine murder case with a view to imposing death penalty

Nihon Keizai:
BOJ governor: BOJ will take quick, nimble action on monetary policy; Zero-interest policy expected to be kept in place for now

People's New Party's House of Representatives member Itokawa pressured by construction firm employees not to "pursue" land deal in Diet interpellations


(1) SDF pullout from Iraq: Ends do not justify the means
(2) BOJ: Weightiness of governor’s position

(1) GSDF withdrawal from Iraq: Expanding reconstruction assistance to Samawah
(2) BOJ Governor Fukui: System needed that does not give rise to suspicions

(1) SDF troops in Iraq: Pullout from Samawah does not mean an end to assistance
(2) BOJ Governor Fukui's investment profit: Job may be in jeopardy if confusion continues

Nihon Keizai:
(1) We welcome decision to pull out GSDF troops from Iraq
(2) BOJ Governor Fukui faces tough task in restoring public trust

(1) Pullout of GSDF troops from Iraq: Public security remains an open question
(2) Murder of mother and child: Supreme Court's call for capital punishment is appropriate

Tokyo Shimbun:
(1) SDF withdrawal from Iraq: Every possible measure should be taken until all troops return home
(2) BOJ Governor Fukui: Suspicions deepen

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