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Free Online J-Pop Videos

Thursday, June 22, 2006 Posted: 06:25 PM JST

It is getting easier these days for people outside Japan to get their hands on J-Pop videos. Still this YouTube collection of J-Pop videos is really neat. Featured are top bands and artists like Speed, Amuro Namie, Utada Hikaru (see sample clip below), Miyakawa Ai, Morning Musume, Ueto Aya, Crystal Kay (sample below), Gackt, L'arc~en~Ciel and many more.

Crystal Kay: Kiss

Utada Hikaru: First Love

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Discover your favorite Japanese musicians. Enjoy!

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1 | At 01:17pm on Oct 21 2006, Kjeld wrote:
YouTube Removes 29,549 Japanese Videos Infringing on Copyrights
Daily Tech - October 20, 2006

Digital carpet-bombing the result of rights holder's petition

After being purchased for $1.65 billion by Google, video sharing megasite YouTube has come under increased fire from copyright holders. In the first mass deletion of videos, YouTube has removed nearly thirty thousand videos that were deemed to be infringing on copyrights held by various Japanese rights-holders.

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) reported that 23 of their members had contacted YouTube for the removal of movies, music videos, and television shows.

YouTube has butted heads with copyright holders before, both on good and bad terms, but this is the first time that videos have been deleted in such a large number. YouTube is currently protected by the DMCA's Safe Harbour laws in the United States, under a similar umbrella that protects bulletin board operators from the content of messages posted by their user base.
2 | At 01:20pm on Oct 21 2006, Kjeld wrote:
The removal of J-Pop videos from YouTube really sucks. For many non-Japanese this is the only place to get acquainted with Japanese music. It didn't hurt, it actually exposed Japanese music to millions of people who would otherwise never hear it.
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