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Cool Sites : Travel in Japan

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 Posted: 11:32 AM JST

Summer is here, although you wouldn't think so in Japan at the moment. It is rain, rain and once again rain... A good time to plan for beautiful places to visit when the skies turn blue again! Some of the best sites for travelling in Japan:

Japan National Tourist Organization
Japanese government site providing information about online budget hotel reservations, regional guides, convention locations, museums, and important basic information. (CHN ENG FRA GER JPN KOR)

Discover Japan
Database of regional tourist resources in Japan. (ENG JPN)

Happy Jappy - Japan Travel Guide
Travel guide to Japan for the uninitiated. Very well-designed. (ENG)

Japan Visitor
Tourist and resident information for Japan. (ENG)

Ogawa Air
Flies helicopters in the Kansai area. Heliport is smack in the middle of Osaka Port. Offers cheap excursion flights over Osaka, as well as charters. Excellent service. Recommended! (JPN)

Outdoor Japan
Outdoor activities, travel destinations, sporting activities, hot springs, nature, events, and features. (ENG)

Randy Johnson's Japan Page
Both the name and the pay-out remind one of the early years of the internet. But don't let this fool you. This site is full of excellent information for a trip to Japan, especially Favorite Getaways. (ENG)

Urban-Rural Interchange Revitalization
The Organization for Urban-Rural Interchange Revitalization. Offers information about Green Tourism and Minshuku in Japan. (ENG JPN)

Visit Japan Campaign
The Japanese government's official site to stimulate travel to Japan. (ENG JPN)

Visiting Japan Links
Links to sites with information about visiting Japan on the site of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (ENG)

Kokumin Shukusha
Government-run hotels that offer good value at extremely low prices. Rooms are comfortable (though not luxurious), food is good and views are often spectacular. (JPN)

MYTRIP is the biggest online hotel reservation company in Japan, managed by RAKUTEN. MYTRIP offers substantial savings on regular hotel room rates. TIP: often the Japanese pages offer better rates than the English ones. Highly recommended! (ENG JPN)

Okayama International Villa
Okayama International Villa offers unique budget accommodations in the Japanese countryside. (ENG)

Find more sites related to Japan at Japan Links. Special section for travel and recreation in Japan.

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