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Home » Archives » August 2006 » John Mark Karr and Lee Harvey Oswald: an Uncanny Resemblance

John Mark Karr and Lee Harvey Oswald: an Uncanny Resemblance

Saturday, August 19, 2006 Posted: 08:55 PM JST

The first time I saw images of John Mark Karr, a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey case, on TV, I was amazed by how much he resembled Lee Harvey Oswald. Especially the expression in Karr's eyes reminded me strongly of Oswald. I have put together some images, so you can see for yourself. Let me know what you think!

John Mark Karr Lee Harvey Oswald

John Mark Karr Lee Harvey Oswald

John Mark Karr Lee Harvey Oswald

John Mark Karr Lee Harvey Oswald

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3 comments so far post your own

1 | At 09:58am on Aug 27 2006, Mark wrote:
When I saw Karr's mug shot I immediately thought of Oswald - both in their low thirties, body build, high foreheads, thinning hair, low ears. But the differences are also there - Oswald had a slightly pointier chin, assymetric eyebrows, eyes with some life to them, and always the hint of a smirk. At the end of the day it's uncanny, but probably not more than a strange footnote to a strange case.
2 | At 10:08am on Aug 27 2006, Kjeld Duits wrote:
@Mark: It is truly a strange footnote.

What especially gets my attention, is the expression in their eyes. It is virtually the same. It is partly 'hunted animal', partly a strong disconnection from society.

They both travelled a lot, and they both seemed lost long before they came in the public eye.

How many more lost people like them are there? And what can we, as a society, do to prevent people from getting lost in the first place?
3 | At 12:49pm on Sep 04 2006, Mark Gordon-Tennant wrote:
I have been an admirer of Pres. Kennedy for almost 19 years, I have Kennedy's funeral footage on dvd, which means of course that I have footage of Lee H. Oswald...I could hardly believe my EYES, when I saw CNN pictures of Mr. Karr! It was like looking @ a ghost..My immediate thought was he looks like Oswald!

The jerk can probably play Oswald in another documentry/ movie on Kennedy's assassination!!! Its creepy, the way they look a like!
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