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Japanese Prime Minister Questioned about Official 9/11 Story

Thursday, January 24, 2008 Posted: 06:25 AM JST

The Japanese government has had to face some serious questioning since the opposition's historic landslide win last year that landed them a majority of the seats in Japan's Upper House (House of Councilors). This Jan 11 the Japanese cabinet, for the first time, was questioned about the events of Sep 11, 2001, which claimed the lives of 24 Japanese nationals. Upper House member Yukihisa Fujita (Democratic Party of Japan) gave a presentation for over half an hour, questioning Prime Minister Fukuda and two ministers. Quite intriguing to see the questions asked by conspiracy theorists, being discussed in the Japanese diet. The presentation was carried live by NHK, but as far as I know no Japanese media have reported on this. However it is now available, with English subtitles, on these video clips:

The translations are not perfect, but give a fairly accurate account of what is being said.

Before becoming a politician, Mr. Fujita helped victims of war as a member of the NGO Association for Aid and Relief, Japan. He was also a member of Initiatives of Change.

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3 comments so far post your own

1 | At 09:34am on Mar 21 2008, wolfgang Spanring-Forster wrote:
thanks for sharing this - i watched 3 clips this morning and could not watch more as they were taken off youtube

hope all is well with you
2 | At 09:37am on Mar 21 2008, Kjeld Duits wrote:
Hi Wolfgang,

Great to hear from you again. Too bad they have been taken off YouTube, they were quite good.
3 | At 09:51am on Mar 21 2008, marco wrote:
They can still be found if you search video google.


There is even one with French subtitles
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