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Historical Online Videos Show Japan during WWII

Kjeld Duits, Tuesday, February 28, 2006 Posted: 09:44 AM JST

Google has teamed up with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) of the US to make historical videos available on the internet. The non-exclusive agreement enables researchers and the general public to access a diverse collection of historic movies, documentaries and other films from the National Archives for free. There are a few gems showing events related to Japan.


China and Japan's Simmering Rivalry

Kjeld Duits, Tuesday, February 28, 2006 Posted: 06:55 AM JST

"Some liken current Sino-Japanese relations to the Anglo-German rivalry prior to World War I," writes Kent E. Calder, director of the Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, in Foreign Affairs today. "The stage is now set for a struggle between a mature power and a rising one."


The Tsunami, Pakistan and Coping with Trauma

Kjeld Duits, Monday, February 27, 2006 Posted: 12:42 PM JST

Over the past eleven years I have seen my fair share of disasters and accidents. I have interviewed countless people who told me the most horrific stories. I have seen quite a few horrible scenes myself. Especially when I covered the aftermath of the tsunami.


iKjeld.com and Amazon.com

Kjeld Duits, Monday, February 27, 2006 Posted: 11:21 AM JST

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Japanese Laws in English

Kjeld Duits, Tuesday, February 21, 2006 Posted: 10:16 AM JST

The Japanese government will post English translations of its business-related laws and technical terms on the Cabinet Secretariat's Web site in April The Yomiuri Shimbun reported Monday. The initiative aims to minimize misunderstandings as international commercial transactions grow.


Japanese Women Treat Themselves on Valentine‘s Day

Kjeld Duits, Sunday, February 12, 2006 Posted: 10:45 PM JST

At a major department store I observed many women buying chocolate for themselves today. I was wondering if what I saw was an aberration. It turns out it is not.


Japan Leads the Way in Spam Relay Prevention

Kjeld Duits, Sunday, February 12, 2006 Posted: 07:27 PM JST

Everyday I get tons of spam, but almost none from Japanese spammers, even though that is where I live. A recent study by Sophos of the top twelve spam relaying countries confirms my experience. It actually places Japan on the bottom of the list.


Old NHK Clip About Shibuya-kei Music

Kjeld Duits, Thursday, February 9, 2006 Posted: 06:18 PM JST

I found this great news clip of a 1995 (Japanese language) NHK news program which reports on Shibuya-kei. Shibuya-kei was a new wave of Japanese music that sounded Western. It can be seen as a starting point of the huge popularity of independent labels and J-Pop.


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