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Japan's First Network for English-Speaking Families

Kjeld Duits, Tuesday, April 24, 2007 Posted: 02:23 PM JST

Piqniq is a social network for English-speaking families living in Japan. The site's goal is to create a Japan-specific online community and information resource to help you and your family get things done in a country where simple tasks can easily become complicated.


Woodblock Printmaker David Bull Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Contest

Kjeld Duits, Tuesday, April 10, 2007 Posted: 11:13 PM JST

The first week in July will see the 10th anniversary of the internet website showcasing the work of Tokyo-based woodblock printmaker David Bull. Over the next three months, in the runup to the date, a contest will be running on the site, offering viewers the chance to win prints from his extensive collection.


Multilingual Rental Phone for Tourists

Kjeld Duits, Tuesday, April 10, 2007 Posted: 08:24 PM JST

Kyoto has launched a rental service for multilingual guide cellphones for foreign tourists. Kyoto has been experimenting with it for some time and the system is already in use at Kansai and Narita international airports. Fukuoka and Nagoya airports will follow in June.


Japan and United States Vary in Deciphering Facial Cues

Kjeld Duits, Thursday, April 5, 2007 Posted: 07:39 AM JST

Research has uncovered that culture is a determining factor when interpreting facial emotions. The study reveals that in cultures where emotional control is the standard, such as Japan, focus is placed on the eyes to interpret emotions. Whereas in cultures where emotion is openly expressed, such as the United States, the focus is on the mouth to interpret emotion.

Across two studies, using computerized icons and human images, the researchers compared how Japanese and American cultures interpreted images, which conveyed a range of emotions.


Art Fair Tokyo 2007

Kjeld Duits, Wednesday, April 4, 2007 Posted: 10:31 PM JST

Japan's Unique Art Fair Returns for its Second Year Tokyo, Japan --- After a highly successful launch in 2005, Art Fair Tokyo returns to Rafael Vinoli's sleek glass and steel complex, the Tokyo International Forum, conveniently located in central Tokyo. The fair runs for three days from April 10 to 12, 2007. During its trailblazing debut in August 2005, Art Fair Tokyo brought over twenty-eight thousand visitors to the Forum, an exceptional site for modern and contemporary art to intersect with traditional Asian art and antique objects. The success of the First Art Fair Tokyo attests to the renewed vitality of the local art market as the Japanese economy enjoys an increasing prosperity.


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